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At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus

At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus


Tuesday 13th December 2022


Year 4 Activities


Good morning,


Another day of snow!


Mrs Nevillie and I will be on class dojo should you want any questions answered about the work set. Again, please send in photos so I can see what you are all up to! If you completed some of the activities yesterday, choose the activity that is not yet completed.


Morning reflection -

Can you write your own reflection for Christmas and then decorate it? Think about those who are less fortunate than you and ways we can lift up people’s spirits during this special time.


Reading – Please read through the comprehension and answer the questions on Christmas trees.

English – Please choose a task that you have not yet completed.


Watch the clip called ‘Bear and The Hare’. Link below:


Task 1 – Write a retelling of the story. Use the story map to help you.


Task 2 – Write a setting description of snow based on the clip. There is an example to help and ideas bank.


Task 3- Have a look at the Christmas Activity Booklet


Maths –  Choose one or two of the task below:


Task 1) Winter code breaker

Task 2) Addition and Subtraction Christmas Booklet

Task 3) Challenge – super hard Christmas Code Breaker

RE- Please choose a task that you have not yet completed.


Task 1- Retell the story of the nativity in your own words.


Task 2 - Imagine you are Mary or Joseph on the long journey to Bethlehem. Record a diary entry, making sure you include details about the journey and scenery, as well as your thoughts and feelings.


Task 3 - Can you create your own version of the advent wreath? After, create a leaflet that can go next to it explaining what advent is, what the advent wreath is and what each candle represents.


LQ: Can I identify what is special about me and to value the ways in which I am unique?


Read through the PowerPoint and then complete the task.

Extra in case you finish - DT


  • What can you make from the snow? Send photos! :D
  • Remember to practise your song lines.



We will end the day at 3pm with a prayer on dojo.


Have a lovely day, do what you can and if you need anything then please ask. If you can’t do something, then please don’t worry as we know every situation is different.