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At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus

At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus

Catholic Life

Catholic Life of the School


The importance for us of Catholic life is something that permeates through everything we do. Our children lead by example in this and in everything they do here at St Joseph’s. It is through our Catholic life that the children are able to enhance their spirituality and to develop their faith further. Our work with our Parish and within our community exemplifies us as Catholic role models for all. Working with our Parish Priest who supports prayer services, class masses and Friday parish masses. Our Chaplaincy visit the parish group Monthly and serves tea and entertain. The opening of our prayer room in July was a new era for us as we look at new and exciting initiatives to really celebrate us as Catholics.


Our Section 48 Inspection from January 2018 states that Catholic Life at St Joseph’s is Outstanding because;


  • Pupils across the phases are offered a rich experience of Catholic life.
  • The school meets the 10% curriculum time requirement of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales.
  • Worship and prayer are integral to the day to day life of the school. It offers pupils engaging, innovative and creative experiences of the richness of the Catholic tradition.
  • Pupil are pro-active stewards of the Common Good and have a deep understanding of the teaching of the Church and countless opportunities to engage in action for those in need. The children have a dynamic and deep understanding of the call to human flourishing.
  • The contribution of religious education to the Catholic life of the school is a strength and its influence permeates all aspects of the stimulating learning environment across all areas of the school.
  • Pupil are exemplary ambassadors for their school, demonstrating an excellent understanding of the mission of the Church.
  • The headteacher, in partnership with the deputy head and all staff, is the driving force in school development and its striving for excellence.
  • The governing body has a clear understanding of its strategic role as governors. They work towards making a highly significant contribution to the work and Catholic dimension of the school.
  • The school’s self-evaluation accurately reflects the outstanding Catholic life of the school.

Catholic Life in Action

Westminster Pentecost Service (09.06.22)


We had such a wonderful experience travelling on the tube to Victoria yesterday afternoon and to be welcomed by musicians playing steal pans outside Westminster Cathedral. We were invited to the Diocesan Pentecostal Liturgy, held in the Cathedral to celebrate our diverse and rich community we have here within our Diocese, with the theme of racial justice, equality and welcoming the Holy Spirit to all. We watched some amazing performances by other schools including bidding prayers in home languages, singing, poetry and drama. We also had our very own photo taken with the Bishop himself!! A wonderful experience for all, and a true reflection of wonders of our diverse school here within our walls at St Joseph's.