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At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus

At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus

Chaplaincy Team

Our School Chaplaincy Team has been in operation since January 2012 and the children involved have accomplished a great deal in this short period of time.


Some of their achievements so far are as follows:


  • Helping to develop our Prayer Room

  • Weekly ‘Thoughts For The Week’ which are posted throughout the school

  • Leading Key Stage Assemblies

  • Weekly Gospel preparation

  • Attending the Good Shepherd Mass at Westminster Cathedral

  • Working in conjunction with other Chaplaincy Teams in Hertfordshire Catholic Schools

  • Organising various competitions

  • Purchase of various RE resources (ie: Lent/Easter booklets)

  • Supporting those children in Year 3 during their preparation for their First Holy Communion

  • Various charity fund-raising events

  • ‘Saints day’ celebrations

  • Leading prayer services/collective acts of worship (ie: The Rosary)

  • Daily Prayer Groups

  • Supporting other schools in developing a Chaplaincy Team

  • And much more besides!!


Please go to ‘Chaplaincy Team Latest’ for the latest news from the Chaplaincy Team.


Our Chaplaincy Team For 2021-22







Alicija F




The Chaplaincy Team’s ‘Mission’ this year is:


To work together to support and enhance our religious community as Jesus wants us to.


The Chaplaincy Team’s ‘Aims’ this year are:


  1. Supporting our school community

  2. Working as a team

  3. Developing the prayer life of the school

  4. Working with our church and community

  5. Helping others develop their faith


I’m sure that they will continue to do a great job in supporting and promoting the Catholic ethos of our school!