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At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus

At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus

Make a Viking long boat

Here is your second topic art challenge.  You are going to make a Viking longboat.



You will need:


  • Thin cardboard.
  • Templates #1 and #2 printed out.  
  • Colouring pencils.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue


Colour in the shields and sails. (Shields would have been brightly coloured and the sails might have been striped red and white but you can choose your own colours.) 


Cut each item out carefully.

Glue the boat outline, masts and oars to your cardboard, making sure they do not overlap. and then cut out the cardboard template pieces carefully.


(You are using these as a guide for cutting and will use the plain cardboard side outwards as your main boat and oar colour.)

Score and fold along the dotted line on the largest (boat-shaped) piece.



Make 2 small slits in the base of the boat (marked as lines 1 and 2).


Make slits in the paper sails (on the lines near the top and bottom edges.)



Glue the two tops of the dragon boat together to make the boat shape.

Squiggle was very helpful while I was gluing

Glue the paper shields to the top edges of the boat (7 on each side).

Poke the ends of the cardboard paddles through the holes – six oars on each side.

Gently push the two masts upwards through the slits in the bottom of the boat so they stand upright. You may need to glue them in place.



Gently push the paper sails downwards over the masts so they remain curved.

Your longboat is now complete!  Well done.  Please take a photograph of your completed long boat and send via Class dojo or to



As you can see, Squiggle was very interested in my boat – it looked like something she might like to play with!!  Needless to say, I rescued it before she did any lasting damage.