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At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus

At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum has developed over many years. In 2014 in line with the National Curriculum changes we researched and adapted our curriculum in all areas. Researching the best approaches to get a truly rich curriculum for all. At that time we looked at Cornerstones. A Topic based approach to the curriculum which enabled to really theme our curriculum.


This was successful in exciting our children and allowing a richer more creative curriculum to be enjoyed. Through evaluating what we were delivering we quickly realised that Maths,English,Science and computing needed to be stand alone. We then continued to embrace our topics with a themed classroom,an overarching umbrella topic theme which still allowed our children exposure to experiences and continuing with an exciting curriculum. We taught our Geography, History,Art and DT through this one main topic.Some examples ; Up,Up and away ,Who’s who,Tremors,Road trip to the USA and many more.


Over the past year and in line with the  OFSTED 2019 Framework we have been carefully reviewing all areas of our curriculum. We have considered all subjects under 3 main headings;






We considered what we intended our curriculum to be in all areas. Each subject leader and class teacher has carefully thought through what their curriculum needs to deliver to our children today at St Joseph’s. They then started to put that into action by planning what that curriculum would deliver across all year groups. What children would learn and how as well as how they would progress across year groups and key stages. All of this then needs to impact and ensure that every child is receiving the best curriculum for them.


Our Curriculum will;
provide a safe ,happy and aspirational environment for all with a curriculum that is rich, broad and balanced ,filled with exciting learning opportunities and life experiences that enables all learners to achieve , aspire, have their mental wellbeing needs catered for and to succeed in every aspect of life, now and in the future.



Since March 2020 Covid 19 has impacted greatly upon the curriculum we offer our children. Home learning for us provided a great opportunity for our children to continue to engage in a rich curriculum that we so carefully planned out. Many ,many of you fully engaged in many exciting activities and children did progress ,but perhaps in a different way and different rate to being present in school.


As the result of the impact both short and long term that this virus and it’s effects in terms of lock down and children not being in school will have on children now and in the future we carefully considered a recovery curriculum for Autumn 2020 and what resulted in a longer period of time over 2021.Our Curriculum continues to be evaluated so that it is meeting the needs of every child. 


Wellbeing and settling our children will always come first and then a curriculum that is adapted for individuals to recover. To re establish prior learning , re learn skills and to move forward from new starting points.


Staff have and will continue to work hard to continue developing this curriculum for their class through this academic year.

Click on the link below to see an overview of our whole curriculum at St. Joseph’s.

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