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At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus

At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus


At St. Joseph’s we want our children to have the opportunity to experience many different sports and to find out what really inspires them.  We intend to provide high-quality, inspiring PE lessons, which allow children to learn skills and knowledge required by the national curriculum in a fun and engaging way.  We encourage children to learn about athletes from the past and present and hope that by studying these inspirational people, some of our children will aspire to become the athletes of the future. 


We intend to provide opportunities for all children to improve both their fitness and their physical and mental well-being through daily activities such as our “Fit in 15” initiative.  


Our goal for Physical Education is that children become physically literate and that they are able to:


  • understand how to become and remain physically fit and healthy through a balanced program of physical activity and by making healthy eating and lifestyle choices. 
  • use their knowledge and understanding to make healthy choices and continue good exercise habits after formal education and into adult life. 
  • celebrate their unique skills and qualities and appreciate the talents of others.
  • develop resilience and understand how they can improve through effort and hard work.
  • assess and evaluate their own and others’ performances and how they could improve further.
  • find a sport (or sports) that they enjoy and may wish to take further, both in school and through clubs.


We believe that high-quality PE lessons at school can allow people to lead healthier, happier lives and that sport and physical activity can contribute to better physical and mental wellbeing.