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At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus

At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus

Pupil Premium

What Is The Pupil Premium?


The Pupil Premium gives schools extra funding to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils from Reception to Year 11.


The Pupil Premium Grant provides funding for two policies:


  • Raising the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and closing the gap with their peers; and

  • Supporting children and young people with parents in the regular armed forces.


In 2020-21 we received £26,900 (Indicative Report – School Budget Share) in Pupil Premium funding which was used to:


  • Support online /home learning during Lockdown (not planned for initially)

  • to address learning gaps as a result of lockdowns 

  • Provide additional wellbeing support

  • To provide enrichment opportunities

  • To provide targeted support ,additional boosters and focus work



Pupil Premium Action Plan

Spending Rationale


Pupil Premium spending for 2021-22 was decided upon after consultation with a wide variety of stakeholders with regards to the main barriers to educational achievement and data analysis by the Senior Leadership Team. We also completed a Pupil Premium audit as a result of lockdown upon these pupils.


This work identified the  main barriers identified were as follows:


  • Learning in Key stage 1 (Years 1 & 2 ) as a result of two lockdowns in Rec and Year 1

  • Social, emotional and behavioural difficulties as a result Covid 19
    o Mental/ emotional health difficulties

  • Impact of Covid 19 including wellbeing,family barriers and gaps in learning
    o Sensitivity when extending and enriching the curriculum and clubs that no child is excluded due to financial family need
    o Poor emotional resilience and self-regulation skills impact on many pupils’ ability to work collaboratively and to accept a degree of challenge in their learning
    o Children lack the aspiration necessary to achieve in all aspects of life




The impact of our Pupil Premium spending is reviewed on a half-termly basis through Pupil Progress meetings and duly reported as appropriate.


Click on the link below to view our Pupil Premium Policy:

Click on the link below to view a letter concerning Early Years Pupil Premium.

For more details on the Pupil Premium please visit: