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At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus

At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus

Remote Learning (13.12.22)

Good morning Year 5


Thank you for all your hard work yesterday.  School is closed for another day and so I’ve set more work for you which will be posted on both the Dojo and Year 5 Class News on the school website.



Please complete the Y5 Maths Addition and Subtraction booklet. The answers will be posted on the website and dojo for you to check.



Please ask an adult to test you on your spellings today and then let me know how you do. (Your spellings are posted in last week's Homework post for you to check).


Then write a short story with the first sentence starting with:-


The snowman suddenly began to move…


After that you can create your own storyline.  Please don’t forget to use a range or co-ordinating conjunctions or subordinating conjunctions to help extend and develop your sentences.  Try to use adverbials of time and place to add detail and don’t forget, if you’re writing a fronted adverbial, to put a comma after it. Finally use dialogue and punctuation accurately to move the story on.


RE: As part of our Year 5 RE Topic on Hope and waiting in hope, we’re looking at the story of Mary and how she waits in hope for the birth of her son, Jesus. Please read the separate RE extracts; the first is Psalm 27:13-14 and the second is from Luke 1:38 and 39-57 (posted on the website and Dojo).


Then write about how Christians can use the waiting time from the start of Advent as good preparation for the coming of the Lord at Christmas. You need to make links between The Visitation story and the words from Psalm 27 and Mary waiting in hope just as Christians now spend Advent waiting in hope (try to quote from the extracts to support your answer).

You could even suggest tasks that could be undertaken during Advent such as making a special effort to do something kind for someone who needs your help just as Mary went to help Elizabeth. This service to another also shows that we are remembering and following how Jesus came to serve and show his love to others as well.



Art: Please make sure that your Christmas hat and placemat are ready for our Christmas lunch on Wednesday.  You could also paint a snowy scene to celebrate the snowy days we’ve had up to the end of term. It could be an imaginary snowy scene or one from your house, your street or even the local park.


I’d love to see your work on the Dojo plus any photos of you if you go outside to see the snow!  Have a good day and stay warm.  I’ll be on the Dojo along with Mrs Direnzo if you need any support.

Very best wishes

Mrs Howard