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At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus

At St. Joseph’s we live, love and learn by the example of Jesus

St Joseph’s Parliament

2021-22 brings something new to us at St Joseph’s and we are very excited!


School council has been in place for many ,many years but it is time for a change. This year sees the launch of out first St Joseph’s Parliament and WOW are we excited. 


In June/July we had speeches prepared and votes took place in each class as many stood forward to be voted in. Three children in each class were successful.


Each class has two members of Parliament and one Cabinet member. They will meet regularly to discuss school life,issues, events and make the changes necessary. Our Cabinet members will meet half termly with SLT and a nominated Governor to discuss our school. 


The aims of our parliament


  • To support the voice of all
  • To empower pupil voice
  • To lead on school projects
  • To make a difference in our school
  • To raise money for pupil projects 


Our mission

To empower all children in our school to use their voice and make a difference in our school.




Year 1


Members of parliament : George L & Aria

Cabinet Member:Hope


Year 2


Members of parliament : Ladiela  & Christy

Cabinet Member:Sofia 


Year 3


Members of parliament : Trishna & Bellisa

Cabinet Member:Sophie


Year 4


Members of parliament : Darcey & Aanya

Cabinet Member:Mattias


Year 5


Members of parliament : Rose & Edmund

Cabinet Member: Isabella D


Year 6


Members of parliament : Ben & Cardmel

Cabinet Member:Tanatswa


Wednesday 29th September 2021


A visitor just for us!


This week our School parliament were privileged to meet Jasmine.She came to talk to us from UK parliament.The school members of parliament and cabinet members listened to Jasmine in our groups in the hall and all the other classes listened in class via Teams.We had the opportunity to ask questions and really find out what we wanted to.


Jasmine shared the stories of Jess ,who didn’t know much,Dave who knew a little and Emma who knew it all. By the time we were finished we were all Emma’s .This knowledge and understanding will help us to do our jobs to the full this year.


She told us about the House of Commons where the Prime minister sits and The house of Lords where the Queen sits.The House of Commons is where the rules are made.Jasmine asked us what we would change.Most of us said we would change the environment.


There are over 300 people sitting in the house of commons. None of us guessed that right!We were asked to choose which subject was more important;Health,Education or housing.My team chose health over education and housing because if you don’t have health you can’t go to school and have an education.As for housing ,we were sure the homeless shelter would give you shelter.


It was good to learn more about what I am a part of.Jasmine said she woud try and arrange for us to visit.


Cardmel Year 6